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Understanding Corneal Topography: Holladay Diagnostic Summary User's Guide
Corneal Topography Using the Holladay Diagnostic Summary (Paper published in the J of Cataract Refractive Surg)
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An Introduction to Corneal Topography

This course is entitled An Introduction to Corneal Topography. It is intended for audiences who are beginning to educate themselves about the exciting technology of Computer Assisted Videokeratoscopy. It is an overview to introduce to you the many areas topography can be of significant value to your practice. Other courses are designed for more detailed discussion on the individual applications. The slides and information you will be seeing today were compiled by EyeSys Vision with the intent to educate you on what their System 2000 can offer the clinician. There will be no other topography company represented but this is not intended for sales purposes. It is our hope that even if your eventual experience is with one of the competitors that you will come away with some new understanding of this innovative technology in eyecare. Although originally written and published in 1996, many of the concepts presented are of educational value today. This course and slides are for educational purposes only.